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Pure Cool Link Connected Tower Air Purifier & Fan, Tp02

Pure Cool Link Connected Tower Air Purifier & Fan, Tp02

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The Pure Cool Link Automatically Removes 99.97% Of Allergens And Pollutants As Small As 0.3 Microns From Your Home. Including Pollen Bacteria And Pet Dander. The Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan Is Wrapped With A 360 Vacuum-Sealed Glass Hepa Filter. A Layer Of Activated Carbon Granules Captures Odors And Harmful Toxins Like Paint Fumes. Purification All Year Round. Purifying Fan In Summer. Year-Round Purification And Circulation. Smooth Long-Range Air Flow To Cool You In Summer. Intelligent Purification Automatically Monitors Reacts And Purifies C Then Reports To Your Link App. So You Can Remotely Control Your Environment. Night-Time Auto Mode Monitors Reacts And Purifies But Only Using The Quietest Settings. Led Display Dims C No Disturbance. Easy Filter Change Instead Of Washing A Filter Every Month Just Replace It After A Year Of Using It For 12 Hours Every Day.

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